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Getting what you want as an advertiser can boil down to two things, quantity and scale. You want as much of your message to reach as many of your target audience as possible. Yet what level of disruption to you target’s schedule can be entertained? At what point does your message become an annoyance vs at what point does the value the message resonate with your target?

Let’s step back to our role-play from last week for a moment. Ready, dear film executive?
How do you make your 1 hour 30 minute + movie resonate with your intended audience without showing the whole movie?

(A trailer or a teaser)

Exactly! And yes there is a difference between a teaser and a trailer. (Length?)

Now back to your movie our dear executive, remember that thing called quantity we mentioned earlier. Well, of course you’d want your trailer/teaser to contain as much of your movie’s message as possible but on average trailers are about 1 minute 20 seconds. So as the plot thickens, your need to make it as interesting as possible and get it into as many avenues as possible, remember scale.

So can you get it as many views as possible, Maybe a TVC of your trailer will help??
But wait when was the last time you went to watch a movie because you saw it’s trailer/teaser on TV? (Comment your answer)

So much to balance, and you haven’t even began capturing, analysing and interpreting the feedback from your audience?

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