Relevance Of Content Marketing To Your Business

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Research shows that, about 80% of customers tend to trust companies that create custom content. If you are an upcoming business in the online space, you might want to take note of this. Content marketing has been in existence since the year 2011 and its relevance to businesses cannot be ignored. In fact, content marketing has been quoted by large technology companies as a key organizational competency. This just goes to show how important content marketing is in any given business.

So what exactly is Content Marketing you may wonder? Well, according to Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing refers to a marketing strategy where by companies create and distribute  relevant, valuable and consistent content to a targeted audiences,  in order to create profit driven customer actions.

The content has to be valuable in such a way that your potential customer gets to learn something new about your company and what it does. Relevancy on the other hand, refers to the ability your content has to, satisfy the needs of the target audience. Finally, Consistency mainly involves constant production of content on a regular basis.

So knowing all this, why is content marketing relevant to you?


Content marketing helps customers in decision making process:

The content you create on your website blog should aim to educate your customers on what exactly you do. It is such information that helps them make a clear and concise decision as to whether they will purchase your products or not. If you are an insurance company, your website needs to have content related to the different insurance services you offer. The content should also make your customer understand why they need to use a particular insurance service over the one offered by your competitor. It is by such valuable and relevant content that the customer will be able to make a decision to try out your services.

Content marketing helps build trust in your organization:

The more your content is relevant to what you do as a company the better your chances of building trust. Remember, whole purpose of such content is to show that your company, really knows what it is doing in that particular field. It is upon such content that you can be viewed as a trusted authority in the field your company belongs to.

Content marketing helps build relationships:

Your website blog is also channel to get feedback and interact with customers. The comments made on a particular blog post can offer valuable information and insight about your customers. It is by using such opportunities that you can build better long lasting relationships with them

Content marketing boost search engine optimization [SEO]:

Content affects how search engines like google rank you in the search results page [SERPs]. It is important to note that the more relevant and unique your content is, the better chances of being ranked higher in the results pages. Remember at the end of the day, Google just like any other search engine wants to present the best content for its users.


Whether you are just starting out in the online space or established in the field, use of content to market yourself is always going to be relevant to you.


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